About YEEX


We at YEEX WATCHES | YX WATCHES want to stand out from other brand watches. Our way to stand out is to incorporate our passion and love for watches into our designs. We want our customers to feel unique whilst wearing our products thanks to the design we chose. A design where classic and modern collides together into a timeless watch. A timeless watch that will shine to the world to be a greatly formed and functional watch. A watch where Amsterdam and cities around the world comes together into an agent of time.

The YEEX WATCHES | YX WATCHES are not meant to simply indicate time but to give a special feeling whenever you wear it during special occasions and your best moments in life. We will help to create this by bringing you a trendy and timeless designer watch that will fit with any style. The YEEX WATCHES | YX WATCHES will complement your outfit and brings the best out of your look.

The YEEX WATCHES | YX WATCHES are therefore without a doubt appropriate for every occasion. During sports, a night out or just to enjoy a sunny day on the terrace, with the YEEX WATCHES | YX WATCHES you will always be accompanied with time on your side. Be different. Wear a YEEX | YX.